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As I Am


Hello there new friend. I am Joanna Thorpe Tholström.

You may call me Jo.

You may call me sister.  I am a daughter, descended from a courageous lineage of pioneers. I am a pioneer called into uncharted waters.

I am a mother to four exquisite humans.

I am married to a Viking who feels like an Italian.

I am a forever student with a beginner's mind.

I am a feeler--I cannot help myself, or my loud laughter.

I am light. 

I am currently living a life alive. I am following my joy. I am tracing my instincts. I am one with all living--As are YOU. We are one. 

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -Joseph Campbell

My love for feminine embodiment and breath ignited with the discovery that yoga, at its essence, is the gathering and uniting of spirit and body.

I witnessed true healing through the medicinal power of my own breath and movement when I was wading through a dark night of my soul.

A loss of identity and a crumbling of faith, gifted me the spiritual practice of presence. Breath and movement brought me to the power of the present. The magic of the 'here and now' awakened me to what lives in my body.  My wounds found balm in

'the gift' of embodiment.  Awareness, breath, movement and sound became my toolkit to witness and release trapped emotions in my body as well as witnessing conversations in my mind. 


This self-discovery and love for embodiment practices were my call to adventure. They propelled me to enter into caves I feared to enter, and stand in my calling to share this light with others. Each class, course, retreat and 1:1 session is an invitation to see yourself. My offering is to guide you to work with the wisdom of your own body and connect to your truest nature. 

Take a full deep breath in now, dear one.

Placing your hands on your body. 

Thanking yourself for showing up for yourself here.

Breathe awareness into the full expression of YOU. 

Repeating with your own voice:

I love you.

I accept you.

I respect you.

I love you. 

You are the love you seek. 

I can't wait to meet you in the light, in your light. 

Come home to yourself.



"Jo is medicine for mind body and soul;
the whole of you. She provides a safe space to be vulnerable, authentic, messy, connected (however you show up on your mat). Her joyful wild is contagious and healing. It is through her techniques as a practitioner, I found healing on a new level.
I learned that breath and uninhibited movement can connect you to your deepest self and release deep seated wounds. Jo gave me permission to discover these truths for myself. Her class and humanness are unmatched."

Heather Walker 

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