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move to the wisdom of your own body.

About Section

come home

Hello there, and warm welcome.

I'm Jo Tholström, your guide to feminine embodiment. 

Embodiment is presence.

Embodiment is accepting all the parts of you.

Embodiment is a remembering. 

Embodiment is being with you, as you are.

It is the sacred practice of allowing the information and knowledge

in your mind seep into your body. 

I hold space for you

to safely feel, welcome, express and inhabit your body more fully.

'Come home' dear one. As you are. As you are. 


your body is your home

"I am here. I am home." Say it to yourself.

As you place a hand on your heart, shutting down your eyes,

I am curious, if your heart could speak, what would she say?

Feel into the beat of you. Deep breath in. Long breath out. 

 Do you desire to uncover deep body wisdom?

Are you willing to listen to the dialogue that your body is speaking?

May I remind you, all the answers are inside.  

work with me 

May I be YOUR witness, as you--

unfold, unravel, liberate, listen and return to your truest Self. I have the desire for you to tune your dearest instrument.


my location

32 W 200 S, Suite 4, Heber City UT 84032


may we begin again. again and again.

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